udpx is a technology to transport data over WiFi to microcontrollers



Android App

If you want to test this fast using Android, just download and install the udpx app from Play store:

You can also search "udpx" in the Play store from any Android device. Add your ESP32 Ip address in the Controller settings and hit play on the video. Note that the width*height should be minor or equal to the stripe length (PIXELCOUNT constant in pixels.cpp library)

What is this app good for

1. Send a picture over WiFi to a LED controller with ESP32 udpx firmware or Remora
2. Send over the air Video frames
Note that Remora supports only plain Pixels without any compression. udpx supports zlib and brotli as compression algorithms.

Chrome App

To install the Chrome App just pull the udpx repository on master branch
git clone https://github.com/martinberlin/udpx.git

It contains the app manifest in /examples/chromeapp
  • 1. chrome://extensions -> Enable developer mode
  • 2. Load unpacked extension and point to examples/app directory
  • 3. That's it, you can open it on:

Web tester tool

Npm /Node installed
Since we can't send UDP directly from the Browser please download this file and run: nodejs middleware.js
It will simply redirect TCP -> UDP so the packages can be sent from the web tester.

Companion Firmware

Remora Listens short UDP commands and triggers fast animations in ESP32/ESP8266. It supports udpx protocol (non compressed). So it can receive and render up to 484 RGB pixels as an animation frame.
It's mainly used to be triggered from sequencers like ORCĪ›.